Thursday, 20 December 2018

Now starts earning with Google admob | earn with Android or iPhone app

Now a days when the world is developing day by day and also we are seeing new technology everyday so it is very necessary to go with the time. Now a days internet has become much easy and simple. It is the time to make an Android or iPhone app. There are hundreds of categories in which you can Make an outstanding Android app. Such as educational dating some software app like antivirus Screen Recorder dictionary any book app like any religious book Holy Bible Holy Quran etc.

Beside that you can also make another apps on another topics of your choice. If you have knowledge in any field you should make Android app.

First of all think about the app of your choice in you can make and operate successfully then start making your app. If you are uneducated person you can make an educational app. If you are a technical person and have knowledge and Technical fields like electrical mechanical Telecom etc you can make the apps in these fields. If you have knowledge in coding and no the computer languages like HTML CSS JavaScript etc you should make antiviruses app screen recording apps games cartoons or any other kind of app.

If you cannot make your own app you can make it through another experienced person and freelancing websites like Fiverr, upwork, peopleperhour etc. You will pay you will pay for your app to a freelancer and he will make a beautiful app for you in an expected time. For this type Fiverr in Google.

After making their you should upload it to the Google Play Store by Google search Developer Console website. Type Google search developer console in Google and after that start uploading your app. When your app has been successfully uploaded to Google Play make an account for your app and Google admob. You should provide your App link to Google admob and Google admob will approve your application within one or two days. After successfully uploading your app to Google Play you will start earning with your app. You can make your App paid and your users will use your App services after they pay you. For this you should make a paid app. You can also make an hybrid app. If the user has paid you will remove the advertisements of your App from that user but if the user is using your services in free then he will see the advertisements of Google admob and you will earn the money with that source.

When you upload your app and start earning you should promote your app with Google AdWords or Facebook ad campaigns. For this you should say to Google AdWords or Facebook to promote all Boost Your app to the people to know about your app. When people knows about your app they starts coming and downloading and installing your app. With this method your App will get popularity and more users.

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